Exterior Doors For Your Home: What key features are best?

double glazed doorsWhen it comes to exterior doors, there are certain features that are key, and some that are desirable. But what are the key features that you should be looking out for?

Double Glazed Doors | External Double Doors

Some of the “essential” features of any double glazed door is the type of glass to be used. UK building regulations dictate certain rules to be followed, but we recommend that you use toughened safety glass throughout.

For a front door, on side panels (as shown in the picture), I would personally use frosted or obscured glass for privacy and laminated glass panels

Multi-point locks are also essential to maximise security. A door chain and spy-hole are also pretty handy security items.

Often folks focus o the locks and don’t think about the hinges. Whilst virtually all modern doors fitted will have 3 or 4 hinges, you need to make sure that the fixing screws go into the surrounding frame securely.  Burglars are known to attack the hinge side of a door looking for a weakness.

Material chosen & to some extent, styling can affect security levels. A paneled door  can have the panels attacked – a solid door cannot.

Soft wood doors, can deteriorate rapidly if you don’t look after them properly. Warping can make the fit badly and make them insecure, For total peace of mind look for a door that is approved by securedbydesign.

More tips:

  1. if you can’t afford toughened or laminated glass, add an aftermarket security film inside.
  2. keep letter boxes at least 400m from the handles.
  3. don’t place keys within reach of the door (burglars use fishing rods thru the letter box!)
  4. Fit a cage inside to the letter box to prevent hands reaching in.
  5. use 5 lever locks & deadbolts

Finally, don’t leave your door open – you will be surprised how often this happens.

Good luck & keep safe.