What is underfloor heating for conservatories & how does it work?

underfloor heating for conservatoriesPart of planning for a new conservatory should include what use are you going to put the room to. If you plan to use the conservatory year-round, then heating it is going to be necessary during the colder months.

You may be wondering what heating choices are there and which to choose, so here are some options for you to consider.

Underfloor heating – the basics

This type of heating system comes in 2 types – wet and dry.

Wet systems use a series of “plastic” pipes laid onto the base and covered with screed. the water is heated by your home central heating and flows around the pipes in the same way as a regular radiator – except it’s underfoot.

Dry systems use electrical “mats” laid on the base. These are also covered up with screed.

Both types are considered better ways to heat a room because they do so evenly – no cold spots. But you will have to wait for the room to heat.  Warm floors are very comfortable underfoot, it also means you can sit anywhere in the room and be warm – not just huddling by a radiator to keep warm.

Running costs vary and will depend on usage.

The cheapest version is a dry system at around £50 to £75 per square metre – it can also be retro fitted without too much trouble.  So a 3×3 room could cost anything from £500 to £700. Wet systems are costlier, maybe £1,000 – 2000 to do a small to medium sized conservatory.

So Is Underfloor Heating For Conservatories Worth It? – well, if you are installing to an existing conservatory, maybe the inconvenience and cost may not be worth it to you. But if fitted during construction, it becomes a much better option.

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