Finding, Buying & Fitting Cheap Conservatory Designs

gull wing conservatory designsNot all conservatories are equal. Some conservatory designs can go for prices well in excess of £40,000 or £50,000.

But if you (like me) don’t have that sort of money lying around, then what type of conservatory can you get on a vastly smaller budget.

Here is a suggestion or 2.

Cheap Conservatory Prices

So, to be up-front, you are going to need between £5,000 & £6,000 for a 3x3m conservatory – you may get one for less fully fitted, but don’t forget you need to furnish & decorate the room after it’s built.

Lean-to conservatories are usually the cheapest design in the market. Typically rectangular with a single sided roof, this lack of complexity in design is often reflected in the lower relative cost when compared to other styles.

If you go for a poly carbonate roof, avoid using any type of dwarf wall brickwork and combine it with a prefabricated steel frame base, you are probably going to be at the lowest end of the cost spectrum.

If there is any preparation that you can do yourself, then that will also save on labour costs.

If you get quotes from several contractors, maybe you can use these to help negotiate a better price from the bidders. If you try getting quotes when work is slow, such later in the year avoiding the spring summer “rush”, installers may be more inclined to do a better deal if they are in need of work.

UPVC is probably going to work out as the cheapest material to use for your conservatory – it’s cheaper than hardwood or aluminium and lasts longer than softwood.

In terms of the prices in the market, you can go here for more information